Uphold Due Process Social Media Action!


The FREE SF Coalition has been working hard to fight the scapegoating of the immigrant community in San Francisco. With a new Sheriff taking office this year, the immigrant community is at risk of broader ICE presence that will further tear families apart.

take action!

Join our efforts and stand in solidarity with us by taking a picture of yourself or with a friend and demand the Board of Supervisors and the San Francisco Sheriff to strengthen Due Process in SF!

Take a moment to print out the linked signs or make your own with the messages below. Share on social media by tagging the supervisors and the SF Sheriff.

Twitter: @FreeSFCoalition

  • “Hennessy, don’t let hate Trump our values” - Uphold Due Process! #FREESF #ICEoutofSF #UpholdDP #RejectPEP

  • “I stand in solidarity with immigrant communities! Uphold Due Process now! #FREESF #ICEoutofSF” #UpholdDP #RejectPEP

  • “Hennessy, no dejes que odio quite nuestros valores. Sostén proceso debido!”

  • “Yo estoy en solidaridad con las comunidades inmigrantes en SF! Sostén proceso debido ya!”

  • #FREESF #MigraFueraDeSF #RechazaPEP #SostenDP

2016.05.10 BOS Due Process.png